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About the webmaster...!

hello im kero and I fucking airplane, I use he/she pronouns and I like to draw, write, and code!

I originally discovered html in 2021 from Toyhou.se! It was considerably limited since we couldnt use external css (without paying) but I still really enjoyed it. I've even made a few profile codes of my own! I'd been lurking here for a little while then and one day I decided to go "fuck it" and make my own! This place serves mostly as a place to both hone in my html skills and also to just to have fun and talk about the things I like!

Im pretty indecisive, so I kinda end up changing around how I want my site to look around a lot. The fact that I sorta kinda abandon this site during the school year doesnt really help out all that much ... ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Things I like....