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she/her | 27 | scarlet robin avian

Rena is very quiet and antisocial. She prefers to work on her cases alone and barely takes help from other people. Because of this she comes off as very standoffish and stubborn.

Rena used to work for the ███████ Police Department when she was younger. She was assigned to an older officer, █████, to teach her the ropes of policery.

One day they get a call for a welfare checkup at an old house, shit hits the fan, Rena is forced to leave █████ behind and escape. Afterwards she urges the department to go back and look for her, or her body. But they refuse and after a while of trying to dig deeper herself, Rena quits from the force and moves out of town. Taking odd jobs at first before deciding on becoming a P.I.


Rena and Tammy are great friends associates! While they mostly stick together out of necessity and similar intrests. At first Rena didnt like Tammy due to her more outgoing and loud nature, but many overcome trials (and a broken wing) later, the pidgeon begins to grow onto her.


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