this site is a work in progress! please mind the mess

heeey! welcome to my site! im learning html so i thought itd be a good idea to get somewhere where i can freely code lol! idk how active ill be here but yeeeaaaah!!! ^_^

this site is rated web 14 and not optimized for mobile (srry..)

i watched Akiba Maid War yesterday, really fun anime ^_^

untill i figure out what goes here its just gonna be a spot for my favorite utena video

1/19/23 - revamped the art page!
1/8/23 - rhythem game page was created! (still a wip)
12/28/22 - finished the new about page!
12/27/22 - remade the home page!
8/31/2022 - added a writing page!
8/27/2022 - changed around the journal page a bit!
8/26/2022 - fixed up the homepage a bit! added a little box :3
8/24/2022 - added an art page !
8/20/2022 - FINALLY fixed up my shrine directory page! !
8/20/2022 - put the sidebar site buttons in a little box!
8/16/2022 - remade my about page!
6/26/22 - remade my blog page!
6/22/22 - finished the lost ones shrine!
6/21/22 - FINNALY added a shrine directory page and reorganized this updatelog!
6/10/22 - fixed up my about page!
6/10/22 - added to do and blog page finaly!
6/9/22 - added playlist!