Myth's Garden

welcome to the garden!

heeey! welcome to my site! im learning html so i thought itd be a good idea to get somewhere where i can freely code lol! idk how active ill be here but yeeeaaaah!!! ^_^

This place serves as a bit of a safe haven away from regualr social media, as corny as that sounds. This is one of the spaces i get 100% controll over and I think thats pretty damn cool. Now i get to make people look at adler signalis on his own damn dedicated page.

12/10/23 - edited about page!

12/3/23 - remade adlerfalke page!

9/15/23 - added webcomic page!

9/2/23 - added eyeless page!

8/25/23 - added to the Undying shrine

8/21/23 - added status cafe!

8/20/23 - edited homepage

8/20/23 - mass updated changelog.... i forgor....

8/19/23 - beginnings of the fnati shrine

8/13/23 - remade blog page!

8/8/223 - created oc hub

8/6/23 - Created Falkeler page

6/16/23 - starting anew with a new(ish) home page!

site created June 9th 2022~!