Kero's Journal
10/15/23 - not dead
mood : sleepy.....
distortgang · sarah jersey distortgang mix

hey! its like 2:04 am rn so i might sounda bit delirous but i wanted to say sorry for not really updating my site as often as i promised. School + health issues are kicking my ass and i also dont have many ideas to really work on in the first place . . bwawarghege

an image of a baby rabbit sprawled out on its stomach with the caption  'splat' writton on top of it.

^ me

9/9/23 - SPOOKY SEASON !
mood : hungy.....
everything is fine · be alive

Hey! Long time no entry, Schools been kicking my ass as of late. And Ive also been slacking on making entires in my actual purrsonal diary to erm..... (¬_¬;)

Anyways! To update on the last few days, Its starting to cool down into fall, which is always gives me a nice nostalgic feeling... Fall is one of my favorite seasons along spring. just something about the transition into warm to cold and vice versa really strikes a cord with me! Plus theyre both the more beautiful seasons! The oranges of the dying leaves and the bright colors from the newly blooming flowers! Peak seasons fr

Anyways speaking of fall we're about to get into halloween season! Its sorta already started with the Spirit Halloweens thatre starting to pop up now. Plus the trailers for the fnaf movie are getting me so excited for october! I dunno what I really want to be for halloween.... I know that I want to be a rabbit of some kind but i have no clue which rabbit exactly. Like theres:

  • Bonnie the bunny (fnaf
  • vanny (also fnaf)
  • white rabbit (alice in wonderland)
  • just a regular rabbit with no ties to anything at all (real life)

lots and lots of options.....

Oh well... Ive got a month to decide! Yipee!

Completley off topic but I'm debating on changing stuff around this site a bit.. Like making a halloween layout + a sort of blog to rant about stuff.. idk if ill do it but uhh ehe :3

8/21/23 - Hibiscus and Butterfly
mood : refreshed
Killer Bee · HER

A calm song for a calm game! I've just started Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfy, and so far I really like it. Its been 2 years since the first game, and you get to see how your old costumers grew and changed within that time period! With the calm music and rain sounds its just a cozy experience overall, feels more like something you play at like 4-5 am while drinking well, coffee. Its a very cute game, I reccomend it 👍

also im starting to think that I should make a template for this cause recreating the entry code is.... blergh

8/19/23 - Crazy? I was crazy once...
mood : tired (again im a sleepy boy what can i say?)
MALICE MIZER · au revoir

More updates have been done to the website! Im planning on making an entire shrine dedicated to fnati instead of keeping it spesifically just the lost ones! And also making undyings shrine about to his character in general. I think I might tackle and update the signalis + Adlers little shrine after this? Dont quote me on it tho I could be lying....

Speaking of sitley things I've been surving through the web recently, and it makes me realize a bit how lonley isolated websites feel. Like lifting up a rock and discovering a whole ecosystem you didnt know about before! Its both cool and also mysterious, makes you wonder what the persons doing now when you notice that their site or blog hasent been updated in months or even years. Idk I think its cool ┐(シ)┌

I dont think I really have a proper senoff for this entry, admittedly I decided to do it on a whim cause I havent touched this page since I made it XD, uhhhhhh look at adler

8/12/23 - Journal up!!
mood : tired
LemKuuja · What's a Future Funk?

Ive finnaly remade this page! Yipee!!!! I honestly dont really know what ill write here. So maybe I'll use this for sitley updates? I dunno LOL

Speaking of sitely updates. School will start again for me soon, so updates might slow down or stop entirely like last year, and for that I apologize!!! I swear I'll try to at least try to update sporatically. Like adding to shrines or talking here! Though idk

Uhh anyways I think thats it, my sendoff is play Venba o7