^ like look at them theyre so cute.....

I was going to try writing a bunch of paragraphs explaining why I like them so much but honestly I dont really have a big profound reason as to why I ship it .... I just think its cute! I also just like exploring their dynamic . there isnt really a lot of stuff that focuses on them together (that isnt completley misconstruing their dynamic into something creepy or gross) which sucks because I think that Falke and Adler's relationship could be something really intresting! We dont get a lot of pointers as to what exactly they were to eachother in game, so it intrigues me as to what sorts of dynamics they possibly could've had before Falke stepped through the gate.


 a pencil doodle of falke dressed as a which and adler as a black cat, they are hugging a doodle of a vampire falke embracing adler a pencil doodle of falke and adler dressed as toy bonnie and toy freddy respectivley, theyre hugging a pencil doodle of falke and adler kissing, but the kiss is hidden behind a clipboard a doodle of falke carrying adler under her arm, she says youre like if a bowling ball was a person and adler says: wjat a doodled image of falke looking at adler (doing the family guy death pose) and thinking: i need him falke sitting on the floor and adler sitting on an nondescript surface, theyre looking at eachother falke bridal carrying an emberassed looking adler falke looking over adlers shoulder whiles hes playing a game on the nintendo switch a doodled image of adler and falke in bed together, falke is smoking a cigarette and adler is in bed stunned adler and falke cuddling in bed together with a little heart above their heads a doodled comic, in the first panel falke comes into a kitchen filled with smoke. she says: who tf is burning down my kitchen. In the second panel is adler with a apron on with burnt marks on his face, he looks back up at her and says: making breakfast for my beautiful wife a drawing of falke and adler, falke has her hand on adlers head, whose giving the camera a peace sign a drawing of falke and adler kissing A sketch of falke staring out into space, in a small thought bubble above her head theres a terrible doodle of adler in lingerie a doodle of falke holding adler up to the camera and saying: hey check this out a doodle of adler and falke reading a book together a doodle of falke and adler at the beach. Falkes hair is in a ponytail and is wearing a mini beach skirt, shes biting ice cream. Adler is wearing a hawaiian shirt with sunglasses, who is looking on in horror as he eats a popsicle a doodle of falke and adler cuddling a doodle of falke holding up a particularly empty looking adler. Adler: Commander, I need you to put my head in the fredbear animatronic. Falke: what? Adler: I want to meet nightmare Foxy commander. Falke: Stop a doodle of adler on falkes shoulders, theyre looking at eachother! falke looking over adlers head at the game hes playing on a switch. adler reading a book and falke looking over his shoulder, a caption in the far right corner says: they are reading warrior cats. in parenthesies a sketch of falke and adler as cats cuddling. a sketch of falke and adler as rabbits, falke is a massive flemish giant and adler is a tiny rabbit laying next to her a doodle of falke and adler sleeping and cuddling in bed together a sketch of adler and falke, adler is a unicorn and falke is an alicorn. Falke says: dude are we talking horses an unfinished concept sketch of falke and adler, falke is in a orange gown and adler is gray and wearing armor a sketch of falke holding a paper over adlers head, he looks up at her fustrated a doodle of adler in an innertube with a mermaid falke looking up at him from underwater a doodle of falke and adler in pokemon hoodies, falke is dressed as a pikachu and adler is a meowth! a doodle of falke laying down and reading a magazine, adler is using her torso as a pillow with a book over his face. hes sleeping a doodle of falke looking grumpy and holding adler by the scruff a doodle of a menacing looking falke with adler being a whirlwing around her hand, he cries: OH GOD FALKE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a doodle of falke lifting adler up and kissing him on the cheek, hes blushing ! a doodle of falke staring out into space, a thought bubble above her head shows her thinking about her in bed with adler cuddled into her side and looking smugly at the camera. An arrow points to her that says: Me, and another arrow points to adler that says: Your administrator an annoyed looking falke checking the time on her watch, shes holding a passed out adler under her arm falke explaining something to the camera whilst adler is curled up on the floor in agony a doodle of adler thinking about falke and blushing a doodle of adler and falke, above adler is asterisks that say: explaining logistics or smth idk, and a thought bubble is above falkes head that says: i want him a doodle of falke and adlers corrupted versions, falke says: I want you and adler just goes: !?