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heres a little page dedicated to one of the most guys of all time Undying FNaTI! I like him and im gonna make it everyones problem
Undying as seen in Oblitus Casa, reaching towards the camera


Like stated above he gets introduced through Pirate caverns Floor 2. He is a tattered, dirty, and bloody mickey mouse costume with no eyes. Since he's blind he relies on sensing the players movement, which can be thwarted by holding CTRL.

It is later revealed that he is, in fact Henry. Having been murdered and stuffed into a mickey mouse costume sometime before jake steps on the island.

6.0 is definitley a creative take on the 'humanoid antag' that he fills the role for. It's definitley far better than just him being a random red man who was just There for whatever reason. Hes also just really fun to draw. I like him :D


Important video if you ever want to understand the lore V

fun fact! this is the only time he's ever said anything resembling an actual phrase!

A frame of Undyings jumpscare from TLO2R

The Lost Ones

Undying is one of the main antags in tlo, hes introduced in hour 2 and has a hearing/breathing mechanic. Where in order to avoid him you have to hide and hold your breath for an extended period of time. This gets complicated because Pandora can block your hiding spots, or he can slow you down from turning off a device.

While vessels themselves dont necesserily have personalities, from the short bio we're given from Cult, Undying is bloodthirsty and viotile, whos got an unending hunger for bloodshed. And will stop at nothing untill he's satisfied.

I think TLO has a pretty fun take on his character/ design. Bro is Straight Up just a corpse, While the same can be said for pandora I really like how his is executed. I also really just like his design, while its pretty hard to draw for me (got the hang of it :3) its very intresting to gander at. Its one of the more detailed modles that I've seen and I love just zooming in and looking at all of the little details.

Classic Undying reaching towards the player

Classic Undying

While not completley removed from 6.0, I wanted to make a little corner for him anyways

I dont really have an articulated reason as to why I like him, hes just fun and easy to draw honestly! Hes also the undying I'm more used to so I guess theres also a nostalgia factor in it too. Overall I just think hes neat!

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